Refrigerator Repair

If a refrigerator breaks down and is not able to maintain a cold temperature inside the tank then your food and milk are not going to last for more than a night and would be inconsumable. It’s better to get the condenser and the coils cleaned regularly to prevent any such problems. We All Appliance repair Bakersfield specialized in repair and maintenance of refrigerators of all brands and have experience of over 10 years.

Call us to get immediate service of your refrigerator and store your food in it again without any chance of getting spoilt.

Common refrigerator problems:

1. No Cooling

If the temperature inside the main compartment of the fridge is hot then chances are that the compressor of the appliance has stopped function and needs either repair or replacement. If you want to try to solve the issue yourself, then start by cleaning the condenser coils. But this process is too complicated and it would be better if you call professionals.

2. Water Leakage

Water leakage from the refrigerator happens when the drain pipes of the fridge have clogged due to some food components or debris. To solve this issue, unplug the refrigerator from power sources and notice the water circulation pipes of the tank. If there happens to tear or clog, then you need to take help from the technician for repair.

3. Noisy Refrigerator

All refrigerator these days are made to operate at a minimum decibel level but if either of the 2 fans of the fridge is having an issue, then this noise level would be high. The most common cause of high noise level problem is condenser or evaporator fan. To repair it, our technicians are always fully equipped to solve this issue in refrigerators of all brands

4. Ice Build in Freezer

Though the main purpose of the freezer is to make ice if the freezer looks like an iced cave then there is a fault inside that needs to be repaired. One precaution that everybody needs to take is to close the door of the fridge once you store or take the items out. If the door remains open for a long period of time then humidity inside the tank increases which turns to ice.

There may be a hole that would be letting all the air in which needs to be found and sealed. Schedule your visit from the professionals today.

Some of the reviews by our customers who got their refrigerator repaired by us.

  1. My wife has a whirlpool refrigerator that had been working well for so many years but it suddenly stopped working 2 days ago. We call them and they replaced our compressor immediately of the same company and model. The fridge is working as new now. Amazing team and service.
  2. My electricity bill escalated last month and someone advised me to get my fridge checked. Though it had been working properly and everything seemed ok but technical guy soon found out the power problem and fixed it.

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